Dynamic, spunky, empathic, and non-judgmental. You will find that I am truly an old soul stuck in a mid-twenty-something body. I seek to create a safe space for you to express your true self with joy and without shame. We live in the age of connectivity, but genuine human connection is still difficult to find. We don’t realize we are craving a deeper connection with others until we find it.

After earning two degrees and spending some time in the corporate world, I am now working on one last post-graduate education credential to further my professional career. However, my favorite career has been moonlighting as a companion for the last four years! I am drawn to this line of work because I live for risk and adventure, as well as getting to explore facets of myself I never knew existed. My adventurous spirit drives me to expand my horizons whenever I get the chance - including backpacking through 15 countries in the last two years!

Above all, I believe in living fully and authentically. I'm genuinely interested in knowing you as a person, so by sharing my authentic self with you, I hope you will feel empowered to share your true self with me. I am a far better woman for all the things I have learnt by spending time with people who I would not otherwise encounter outside of being “Danielle.” I enjoy the process of getting to know those that I spend time with, as, I think that everyone has something they can teach me, and also because I feel like human experiences are far better when there is a connection deeper than one that is physical.

Whether it is an hour, an evening, or a weekend, your memories with me will linger for a lifetime.



Height: 5'4

Age: Mid Twenties

Measurements: 34D-28-36

Ethnicity: Mixed ethnicities, mostly an alabaster-skinned Latina

Hair: Brunette, mid-back,

always silky straight

Body Piercings: No

Smoker: No

Education: Master's

Favorite Eats: Curries, Cheese Plates, Mezzes

Favorite Drink: Brut Rose, medium Pinot Noir + Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling water

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Reading Genre:

Various nerdy nonfiction & dystopian sci-fi

Dream Date: Taking me to see the New York City ballet

Place I Wish To Travel Next: 


In 3 words: An Ambitious,

Spunky Beauty

P411 ID: P208834

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