DJ Dani's Favorite Music 

I am excited to announce this new project! I used to be (kind of) cool back in the day, often frequenting late night shows at Emo's and Elysium and worked as a DJ at my college radio station while in undergrad! While jamming out during a recent road trip I thought it would be fun to share with y'all some of my favorite music, as I feel like it represents a large part of what I love and what brings joy to my soul.

Each Monday I will add a new song or two, so stay tuned (literally and figuratively!) :D

Synth feeds my soul! Indulge with me in 80s new wave or today's retro wave/synthpop and you will catch me batting eyelashes in your direction. 

I also enjoy a wide range of 90s-2000s eurodance and hip hop/rap as well as various indie electronic/rock/pop. However nothing is quite off the table for me! 

I know this video is difficult to watch when viewing my website on phones. Here's a link!