Zero Tolerance Policy: My services are for my time and companionship only, which is a perfectly legal interaction. There is no quid pro quo. My services are NOT an offer of illegal solicitation. Our date will be immediately cancelled if you attempt to discuss illegal services or sexual activities.

Patronage must be taken care of in the first five minutes. Please leave your patronage in the bathroom (if you are hosting) or on the kitchen counter (if I am hosting). If we are meeting in public, please provide your patronage in a gift card or gift bag.

Hygiene is sexy! Before I arrive please be freshly showered with fresh breath and clean hands. If I am hosting I will request you take a quick shower, even if you just showered at home before arriving. Please refrain from wearing strong scents or cologne, thank you!

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice incurs a 25% fee; with less than 24 hours incurs a 50% fee. This fee will be held as a deposit and can be applied towards a rescheduled date within 30 days.  No shows will require a 100% fee and 100% deposit if a future date is requested. If you are unable to adhere to this policy I will no longer be able to honor future date requests.

Discretion Policy: I handle all of my own correspondence - the only person who will see your information is me. Your screening information will be deleted once I have verified you. For your assurance, I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement on request. The only time I will contact you by phone is if you give me explicit permission to (as asked by me in my booking form) or when I send you a confirmation text the morning of our scheduled date.

References:  I will give up to 2 references if we have met within the past six months and you have notified me you would like to use me as a reference. Please contact me in advance with the name, URL, and email of the specific companion who I can expect to hear from, as this gives me explicit consent to communicate about you with a specific individual. I will not give a reference without your explicit consent. Please do not include my phone number when sending my information, but all other public communication and social media streams are good to send!

Public Social Time is necessary for all dates of 3 hours or more. I enjoy spending time with gentlemen who want to build a connection.

Drinking: It is very kind of you to offer to bring wine or alcohol to our date, but to keep my liver healthy I limit my drinking to dates of 2 or more hours (please let me know ahead of time if you bring some for us to share!) If you'd like to drink, that is fine by me! If you'd like to share a treat, offer me macarons or dark chocolates (60-70% cacao)!

Please Note: I reserve the right to walk out on any client- without reimbursement for lost time- should I feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or disrespected at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, clients who are: visibly inebriated, aggressive, or indiscreet.


Q: Do you accept electronic payment?

Yes. Electronic payments are accepted ONLY via PayPal Invoice sent from my legal business LLC (it is discreet and completely unaffiliated with anything Danielle-related.) Electronic payments incur a 3.29% PayPal fee and 17% IRS fee. For example: if a 2 hour date is $800, the total (paid electronically) would be $966.79. Deposits are not subjected to an IRS fee. I have Cash App but it is solely for gifts. I always prefer cash but if you would like to pay electronically please let me know ahead of time.

Q: Why haven't you responded to my message?

I almost always respond within 24 hours. If you have not heard from me, it means I felt we were not a good fit or you automatically failed my screening. How to automatically fail screening: Messages discussing specific sexual acts or referring to abbreviations, what you will get for paying my rate, negotiating my rate, asking for services I don't offer (i.e. any amount of time less than my hourly rate) or are disrespectful and vulgar. I am fairly picky with my clientele and seek to spend time with a gentleman.

Q: Do you tour?

No, I do not tour (outside of my Austin trips) as I have a busy personal life and focused on my studies. I am happy to schedule a Fly or Drive-Me-To-You!

Q: Why can't I see you within a couple of hours?

Unfortunately I am not available for last minute date requests. If I am ever available for same day requests it means you reached out in the morning for an evening date. One of the reasons I enjoy being Danielle is being able to schedule out my dates with advance notice so I can go about doing other thing in my personal life :)

Q: Do you see couples?

I appreciate your interest, but even though I myself like women I feel at this point in my life I’m inadequate in female companionship to accept payment for that.

Q: What will you wear?

If I am visiting your hotel, I will be dressed in business casual or wear a sundress. If we are having a dinner date I will be dressed depending on where the date is located. I only dress with class for dinner dates! My style is chic served with a side of modesty. If desired, I can have my hair blown out for our date (+100) If you are visiting my place, I dress very casual and comfy (either a casual dress, jean shorts, or a romper). If you tell me I should dress "casual", I will show up in yoga pants/athleisure ;) I will take outfit requests for an additional fee.