This is a work in progress! (still in progress lol as of 1/11/21)

For now here are very random things I like

-  goat cheese and halloumi

- watching trains go by

- attempting to shuffle (but usually falling on my face!) in Vans to Culture Beat's Mr. Vain

- anarchist theory (relationships, feminism, economics)

Favorite books: 

Being Mortal

When Breath Becomes Air


Food Politics


Sex at Dawn

Modern Romance

Currently reading/reading next:

Deadliest Enemy

Anarchism & Other Essays

The Price of Civilization

Final Gifts

From Here to Eternity

Debt: The First 5,000 Years

Favorite podcasts:


The Oldest Profession

Current favorite random facts:

- The concept of entropy!!!

- Before the development of vaccines: Variolation 

Favorite artists:

Hieronymus Bosch

Fernando Botero

Glam Beckett