January 1, 2018 marks my…

January 2, 2018

2 year heauxversary! I debuted as Danielle 2 years ago and am so happy with my choice. I’m exactly where I wanted to be around this time. I’ve met the financial goals I had upon starting and now just along for the ride. I really enjoy this work and see myself continuing post grad school when I’m working FT. Who wouldn’t want to continue saving money for retirement and take international vacations every year? I’ve learned so much about myself, the reality of relationships and what the real world is like. I think many people believe LTR relationships will create their happily ever after, but for many it doesn’t happen that way. I love that I have gained so much perspective of the world. I get a glimpse of behind the curtain of people’s lives and their souls that the general person will never experience. So, a bow to you sex work for allowing me grow so much as a person and financing me as I pursue my life goals.

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