How To Book a Successful Date with Danielle

Hello new prospective client!

I definitely get it, hiring a new companion can feel thrilling!... but maybe also come with an unwanted side of nerves? Even if you have seen other companions, I am sure you have experienced that each of us have different expectations and procedures. This blog will inform you of what I expect of those who are interested in meeting me.

Step 1. Research me - I can always tell when a new client has done his research! This includes reading my entire website and perusing a handful of posts from my Twitter or Instagram accounts. I spent a long time crafting my website so you would have all the information upfront when making the decision to meet me. I really appreciate when you know who I am and what I’m all about before we meet! It predisposes me to liking you (which helps us build chemistry quicker!), ensures that you reviewed my etiquette page (this is crucial, as I do my best for us to avoid awkward situations), and answers essentially any questions you could possibly need to ask me (saving me hours of administration time - I am a busy woman!) It also helps you plan properly and ease any nerves.

Step 2. Complete my booking form - Yes, I provide a contact e-mail, but I much prefer you to complete my booking form. I do not want to spend my precious time playing e-mail ping pong trying to elicit the information I need to schedule our date. Completing my form tells me you respect my procedures and can abide by the minimum requirements necessary to meet me. It is also part of my screening, as past behavior can be a predictor of future behavior. How can I trust you will respect my boundaries when alone with you if you cannot do for me the bare minimum beforehand online? Food for thought. That said, I do understand if you want to e-mail me the booking form information directly - that is perfectly okay!

On a different note, it is very important to me that we are able to connect and build chemistry during our time together. By including a mini biography about yourself at the end of my form, I am able to get a better sense of who you are and what you are all about! I mean, it is a romantic date we are planning!

Step 3. No discussing illegal services - I have a zero tolerance policy regarding this. If you even allude to sexual services (including acronyms!) during our correspondence I will have to decline your request to meet. I don’t care how much real world information you may have provided me, I wouldn’t put it past law enforcement to try to bait and switch me. In all honesty, if you need to verify the companion you are interested in does XY&Z “services”, I am not the companion for you. I am a companion who is *a lot* of fun and vows to provide you a wonderful experience.

Step 4. Before our date - You went through steps 1-3, everything checked out with me, and now we are waiting for our scheduled date, yay! If our date was scheduled with much advance notice, it’s possible you may forget what my etiquette page says before we spend time together. Please review it the day of our date as a nice refresher. If your love language is gift giving, I am always thrilled and appreciative when suitors bring a treat or a small gift to our date. It is absolutely not a requirement or necessary, but it does bring a little *oomph* to the beginning of our new relationship and makes you stand out in my memories!

Published: Sept. 21, 2019