Are you real? Yes! I spend hundreds of hours and dollars to establish my business and brand. Here you will find excerpts from some older reviews, my old TER profile (rated 9.27/10!), and my Twitter account (5K+ followers as of September 2019).

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"I am always a bit nervous when meeting a new provider but when I arrived she put my mind at ease. We sat and chatted on the couch. We had a nice conversation and got to know each other a bit. There are plenty of other providers who will do nasty things to you but Danielle is someone with whom you can sit down with and have an honest and open conversation with. She is intelligent and knowledgeable about a variety of topics and I especially enjoyed our discussion of polyamory and the decriminalization of the adult industry."

M, Austin, January 2018

"Danielle is a very sweet girl and enjoys what she does. If you read her descriptive blog you'll learn a lot about why she does what she does, that she prefers older men (40 - 55) and that she's confident and well spoken. When I first met her in the lobby of my hotel, I was stunned by how young and beautiful she was. She dressed in a very tasteful and understated way as if she were going on a first date. She's very careful and private (which is a good thing). If you break any rules, you do not pass go. Danielle's a sweet girl, loves what she does. Would definitely see again. Make sure you leave plenty of time (eg a week) to go through the vetting process. You won't be disappointed."

A, Austin, August 2017

"Danielle did a number on me! She is quite a bit younger (I am an old fart) who actually made the two hours that I spent with her, a remarkably fond memory! And that is something, coming from me - who travels for work and thus, get to see a lot of providers (10+ a month) and have been for the past twenty years or so. You do the math! She actually reminded me of the famous cacti flower called “cereus” (google it up, folks) – which blooms only once a year in early summer and only at night. And this little fragrant flower’s fragrance last till the morning! And one will remember this flower and it’s fragrant for life, if not for a while, for sure! I’ve seen her close to two months ago and still remember the smell of her hair, the smile on her face…….what can I say? From Spanish songs to travel destination to school to well, you name it and we talked. And at two plus times her age, I was quite a bit intrigued that at her ripe age of 22, she was so collected and such a good company! Well, we all were in our twenties once and I don’t think, a normal 22-year-old would have the depth that she already has! She sent me a text that night or the next morning (I think) about how much fun she had and I responded with the same and that I couldn’t wait to come back to TX and see her again. Like I said at the beginning, it’s just something in her that creates that wonderful memory that lasts (and so vividly) a long time! After all, we all will be dead someday and we can only carry the memories with us, as time spent never comes arround; right? So, enjoy the time with her and make some memories to cherish."

A, Dallas, January 2017

"I have seen Danielle a few times and all have been great experiences. She is easy to contact and communicate with. Guys, Danielle is one of the prettiest GND types you will ever see, and when you see her after reading her blog entries you will be excited! She is one of Austin's best. Danielle is a wonderful provider and one of the best in Austin."

M, Austin, January 2017

"This young lady is straight up gorgeous. You can't see her face in her photos but she is a knock-out. A mix of white, maybe Pacific Islander? Latina? Not sure...doesn't matter - she is a knock out. She was a sweetheart and a great conversationalist. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and highly recommend. She is such a sweetheart, guys. My face hurt afterwards because I couldn't stop smiling. She is a true gem and a truly beautiful young woman."

S, Austin, April 2016